What people are saying about "They Call Me Baba Booey"

"Following the simple plan outlined in this book, I lost 15 pounds and became a happier wife and better mother."
- Howard Stern
"Hey, ApeFace I hope you enjoy your next job at McDonald's as much as you have enjoyed being Howard Stern's producer for all these years. Always remember to ask customers, 'Do you want fries with that?"
- Eric the Midget
"Gary is smart, insightful, and funny, and I had no idea he came from such a dysfunctional family. If you think your family is nuts, wait until you read this story."
- Joan Rivers
"Gary's chronicle of how he developed the skills to survive a household shaken by both mental illness and the seismic shifts of the sixties, and of how he's applied those skills to accommodate Howard and the gang, is nothing less than fascinating."
- Dr. Drew Pinsky