The Baba Booey Biography

Gary Dell'Abate, a.k.a. "Baba Booey," has been the producer of the world-renowned Howard Stern Radio Show ever since he first met Stern at WNBC in New York City in 1984. Currently he can be heard on the hugely successful show broadcast daily on Sirius Satellite Radio, and can be seen on "Howard TV".

As producer of the HOWARD STERN SHOW, Dell'Abate has booked unforgettable interviews with some of the biggest names in the entertainment world including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Demi Moore, Sting, Sylvester Stallone, Jay Leno, Jerry Seinfeld, John F. Kennedy, Jr., and David Letterman. His credits include contributing to Stern's #1 blockbuster best-selling books, Private Parts, and Miss America, and he stars in the box office hit movie PRIVATE PARTS.

Dell'Abate is an active board member of LIFEbeat, the Music Industry Fights AIDS, and makes speaking engagements across the country. The charity was founded in 1992 as the music industry's response to the AIDS crisis. Dell'Abate is very passionate about the organization having lost a brother to the disease in 1991.

Dell'Abate's popular and widely-recognized on-air persona makes him a huge draw at personal appearances across the country. He was a winner on "Rock and Roll Jeopardy" and has appeared frequently on "Hollywood Squares". His hobbies include reading anything and everything (making him an incredible trivia whiz,) and collecting gadgets. He writes a monthly column for the tech magazine "Sound & Vision" under the banner of "Gadget Gary".

Dell'Abate currently resides in Connecticut with his wife Mary and two children.